Since 1989, Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band has been playing a rich melange of mestizo and mulatto styles in celebration of the diverse origins of their Mexican-American musical heritage. Based in San Francisco, this award-winning band transmits the joy inherent in this musica and the pleasure they feel making it.

House Of Blues, Los Angeles, October '98

"Dr. Loco" José B. Cuellar
Director, saxophones, flute, vocals

Saul Sierra
Bass, Vocals
Mexico City

David Stephens
Valve Trombone, Trumpet, vocals
B.A., Stanford U.

Dr. Loco and Charlie Montoya gettin' their groove on at the "Ukiah Summer Concert Series July, '98"

Brian Andres
Drums, Timbales
Cincinnati, Ohio

Tom Ledesma
B.A., San Francisco State U.

Tommy Ledesma, David Stephens, Ronnie "T" Torres, and Carlos Caro party down backstage at "House Of Blues" Hollywood Califas, October '98

Steve Cervantes
Flute, Harmonica, Trés, Vocals

Carlos Caro and Stan Ginn
Percussion, Timbales, Congas

Ron Torres
Guitar, Vocals

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Booking Information:

Manager: Anastacia Powers Dr. Loco
P.O. Box 410023
San Francisco, CA
(415) 822.3209 phone
(415) 822.3203 fax

or call Felicia or Jean at Speak Out!
P.O. Box 99096
Emeryville, CA
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